Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learning about Business

Well, due to the new economic downturn and My current inability to get hired on as a 9-5 slave laborer. I have turned to many hours on the internet looking at ways to promote businesses and gaining an understanding on wholesalers and dropshippers. I am yet to find a product that i want to promote or sell to the public.
I have used Google to build websites as well as used their Adwords program to promote my business and create cost per click ads. (CPC's) I have been unsuccessful in doing this. I have ran a rather successful ad campaign however the end result was not an increase in sales.
I was Using Adwords to promote my Network marketing business. JD Premium. I should have used it to promote the product and not the business side of the company. That is my mistake. However I have noticed that Adwords are available with multiple companies. I use Google but you can find other ad CPC sites out there. I have tried advertising with facebook, but didn't run my ad long enough to see any results. Both are easy to sign up for. if you already have an account with both facebook or Google then jsut click on advertising link in facebook and fill out the forms. Google if you go to www.google.com and just sign in to the main google page then click on my account or even other services the click on adwords and it'll walk you through it.
I have also set up a google adsense account which allows me to advertise on my blog as well as on my other websites to help generate a little bit of extra income from the CPC ads that are ran on my ad space.
Check them out and good luck I am working on these things right now trying to automate my income and build a successful business. more posts on my success will come

Friday, May 1, 2009

Working Hard to make a living

Just trying to make an honest living working for myself. The economy is not doing so well and I have been applying for jobs all over the place. NO luck! i have 3 business ventures that I am working on and other mediums for earning money. I own and operate my own DJ Business, called In The Mix Productions. www.inthemixproductions.net. A Network Marketing Business called JD Premium. www.jdpremium.com/fangsworth and also working general labor for my friends and running Google Ads on my blogsite and other websites.
I just hope that these businesses take off soon, the DJ Business is going well but rather slow.
JD Premium is going super slow, I have promoted it to most of my friends and families but I haven't been able to convince them that this is a great offer. I understand that Network Marketing companies have a bad reputaion and many people have been burned however I feel that this company is going to be a great investment opportunity some day and that was my major reason for joining with them.
The Google ads and general labors are bringing in small amounts of money hopefully they can help pay my bills this year

I am also writing a story its coming along rather well but I just need more time to sit down and write it out. My Plan with that is to hopefully get it published and maybe turned into a movie deal.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JD Premium

JD premium! this is a new network marketing company that is revolutionizing the network marketing industry. I have been taking their products for 4 months and have not been sick this winter at all! Krill oil is the newest craze on the market and is the latest health trend. We offer the Purest and most concentrated Krill Oil on the market. Great business opportunity for those looking for an extra source of Income each month. I have already started recieving money from this company and love the added income it provides.

More information to come in the future.
visit www.jdpremium.com/fangsworth for enrolling in the business
www.krill4health.com to get an overview of our organization

I am writing a story

Hey there, just an update. I am currently in the making of a new story. I'll post selections from it on this blog to get readers reviews and ideas. thanks

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Creepy Kid on the Bus!

So every Morning I commute to school on the Bus and since I am one of the first to get on the bus I have picked the best seat in the Bus. This seat allows for ample leg room to kick back and relax since its right by the emergency exit. Seeings how I catch the bus at the nasty hour of 620am being up since 5, I normally sleep the extra 45mins to school.
Here's where the creepy kid comes in. We stop and pick people up in a neighboring town. I normally wake up from my sleep as the bus pulls into the station. (If you can call it that) However I usually fall right back to sleep while everyone is loading onto the bus. One day I got this eerie feeling like I was being watched. I woke up form my sleep to check my surroundings and noticed this kid 3 rows in front of me on the opposite side of the bus just staring at me!
I was a little creeped out because I looked at him and even made eye contact and he didn't budge. I looked to see if he was staring at someone else..... nope just me! so I continued on the journey trying to fall asleep and for the remiander 20mins he just stared.
WOndering if this was a one time thing? It isn't he just stares 3 rows back right at me kind of creepy. I thought maybe this kid could be retarded or something, but when he communicates he seems to be all there. I don't know what to do I know I am "Handsome!" but I don't swing for that team!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chalkboard Argument

So every morning I get to my Math class and I since I arrive early I spend 20-30 mins sitting outside the classroom waiting for my teacher to show up and unlock the door. Well, in the hall way there is a chalkboard that some Moron writes stupid questions on!.. Normally they are like, Which monster is the deadliest? Cloverfield, or Godzilla (American Version 1998). or Hey I can write Pie to 200 places! (then proceeds to write every digit up to 200). I decided that his questions were stupid and pointless so the other day, under his question, If a monster jumped in an arc and stayed in the air for 24 seconds how far did the monster jump? I wrote, "Who Freaking Cares!!!!" the funny thing is today on the chalkboard there was a polite note stating that it is important in our lives to ponder these statements and blah blah blah, this is a math department and is part of being in a math class blah blah blah!..... I responded politely, My life has been totally wasted! I didn't realize that monsters or super heroes and thier abilities were necessary for survival. Thanks for opening my eyes to the "Real World!" lets see how they respond to that!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Council Pyramid


Ok I have a few friends that I have joint responsibility with helping other people with all their emotional problems and life crisis. I have always had an ability to relate with people and help them with their problems. I Consider myself as a fairly intelligent person. I have always been able to read people and see the Commonality of most issues or situations. I choose to live my life as a fairly laid back person and not let things bother me. Growing up I always let the small stuff worry me and that would cause stomach aches. As I grew up I started to laugh at the small stuff and most everything is small stuff. (Thats a book title) Anyways, My friend and I were discussing the matters of antoher friend. I felt bad for her becuase she said I always have to help people out but whenever I call for advice or want to vent they interrupt and lay all thier problems on me.
I was shocked but I realized that what she said was true. She and I are both at the top of this Pyramid of advice giving and the water falls down but it doesn't trickle up.

Well with that said. I don't mind giving the advice I like to help people out. However, I can only give advice and if the individual doesn't want to follow the advice then I don't want to hear the stories over and over again. Most problems I am faced with involve acting on something and makeing a change in direction or just simply leaving the situation all together.

Realtionships suck! Period! if you break up and everyone tells you why the break up happened and that its for X reason. Chances are if you fix X reason the problem will be fixed. However if you keep doing X then you are just asking for more problems. I know that break-ups are tough i've had a few and they hurt inside. But I have now learned how to learn from it and move on. If you are asked by your EX to not come around anymore or talk to them, then maybe you shouldn't. If you tell everyone you're "over it!" then you better be for sure because cryin to your EX about how your life sucks and being sad is not being "OVER IT!!!!"

Another thing If you have a hard day we all do, and being lonely sucks! hang out with your friends but not the ones that are giving you all the Grief to begin with.

Just some advice is if you ask for help and then ingnore the options given then stop asking for help and figure it out on your own. because you're jsut setting yourself up for a world of Hurt!